Sven Tumba

Sven Olof Gunnar Tumba
(born Johansson)
Date of Birth: August 27, 1931
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden



  • Voted the most important person for the game of golf in Sweden by Swedish Golf Magazine and honored at the Swedish Golf Federation 100th Anniversary (2004).
  • Voted the most important hockey player ever in Sweden by the Swedish Hockey Federation in 2000.
  • Inducted in the Int΄l Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1997.
  • Represented Sweden in ice hockey, soccer, amateur golf, professional golf and water skiing.
  • Received the Royal Swedish Medal by King Carl Gustaf for outstanding sport performances.
  • Ambassador of the Scandinavian Masters.
  • Honorary Member of PGA National Resort & Spa.
  • Honorary Member in the Russian Golf Federation and PGA of Russia.
  • Represented Sweden seventeen years in ice hockey including four Olympic Games, 1952, Oslo, Norway -56, Cortina, Italy -60, Squaw Valley, USA and Innsbruck -63, Austria.
  • Designer of golf courses, see golf projects below.
  • Author of several books: Tumba säger allt, Tumba’s ice-hockey school (translated in three languages). Mitt rika liv (My rich life).

Ice-Hockey / as Player:

1957: Made a tryout with the Boston Bruins.

1957: World Champion in Ice hockey, Moscow, the USSR.

1957: Nominated outstanding forward in Moscow.

1956: Olympic 5 place in Ice hockey, Cortina, Italy.

1989: Awarded the All-time best Swedish ice hockey player.


1950-66: Ten times Swedish champion in ice hockey.

1964: Olympic Silver in Ice Hockey, Innsbruck, Austria.

1962: World Champion in Ice Hockey, Colorado Springs, USA.

1962: Nominated outstanding forward in Colorado Springs.

1960: Olympic 5th place in ice hockey, Squaw Valley, USA.

1953: World Champion in Ice hockey, Zurich-Basel, Switzerland.

1952: Olympic Bronze in Ice hockey, Oslo, Norway.


Ice Hockey / Projects

1957: Started ice hockey school in television and created the first ice hockey tournament in Sweden for children, the TV-Puck.

1955: Inventor of the plastic Hockey helmet and mouth guards. Held and participated in various Ice hockey-, soccer-, water ski and golf- schools.


Golf / as Player

1973: Represented Sweden in World Cup, World Professional Championship.

1971: Represented Sweden in the Eisenhower Trophy, World Amateur Golf.

1970: Winner of the Scandinavian International Match Play in Golf.


Golf / Projects

1998: Tumba Kävlinge Golf för Alla, Löddeköpinge. Project which involves the construction of a “new” concept in golf course design and management, the goal of which is to benefit juniors and the public golfers.

1995: Founded the World Golfers Championship, an annual global amateur event with qualifiers in about 30 countries and many thousand participants.

1988: Österåkers GC, 18 holes (home of the LPGA Compaq Open and the Swedish Tour.)

1988: Officially introduced of the game of golf to the USSR.

1988: Founder of the first golf school in the USSR.


1987: Founded the Tumba Golf Club Moscow. The first golf course in the Soviet Union. Lies in the heart of Moscow near the Swedish Embassy. Designer and project developer.

1978: Ullna Golf Club, (home of the Scandinavian Enterprise Open (5 times, 1983-87) and the Eisenhower Trophy (World Championships for Amateurs) 1986. Designer.

1977: Founder and President (for 3 years) of the European Open in the PGA European Tour.

1970: Founder and President (for 15 years) of the Scandinavian Masters, one of the biggest Golf Tournaments in the PGA European Tour.

1969: Founded Colgate Cup, the largest golf tournament for children.

1967: Tumba Golf Center. The first indoor golf dome (bubble) in Stockholm, Sweden. Founder and designer


Other Sport Merits

2000: Awarded best Swedish hockey player in the last century.

1989: Received the Royal Swedish Medal by King Carl Gustaf for outstanding sport performances.

1987: Founder of the motto Sport Promotes Friendship, which is supported by distinguished sportsmen, politicians, scientists, artists and others.

1959: Touring Water-ski show in Sweden.

1956: Swedish champion in soccer.

1954: Five International matches for Sweden in soccer.



1981: Founded the Tumba Foundation for handicapped athletes.

1957-61: Own radio program, Timmen Tumba (the Tumba Hour).

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